If technology is not the silver bullet,
why do we invest as if it is?

If all you have
is a Hammer…

Agile and Design Thinking won't save you
if you don't bring the right mindset.

A book by Marcus Kirsch
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Why are modern companies so much more successful than classic ones? Why is technology not a silver bullet and even Agile and Design Thinking do not always create the same innovation they do somewhere else?
If you understand the mindset-tool-world feedback loop of today, you will have those answers. In this book I will show you why mindset beats technology and why the mainstream media narrative about innovation should be ignored and not influence investment or the future of your work in a black and white manner as it is sold to you.


Watch this space.
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Marcus Kirsch is the founder of ResonanceDesign, an applied innovation and service design consultancy based in London, UK.

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