If all you have is a Hammer…


Agile and Design Thinking won't save you
if you don't bring the right mindset.

A book by Marcus Kirsch
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This is the era of wicked companies. Why?
Because we live in a world of wicked problems, problems that change their requirements while we are working on their solutions. Tame companies have stagnating capabilities because their problem doesn't evolve. Wicked companies have evolving processes, capabilities and people because their problems evolve. A wicked company is inherently different from the traditional tame company that existed since the industrial revolution.
Everyone can create a wicked company, but to do so, a new mindset around capabilities, governance, teams and the support for the outcomes is needed. If you ever asked yourself why your company is struggling to do better in today's world, you are probably using tame company aspects to solve wicked problems.
This book will tell you the difference between a tame and wicked company and what mindset and characteristics you need, to become a wicked company.


Watch this space.
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Marcus Kirsch is the founder of ResonanceDesign, an applied innovation and service design consultancy based in London, UK.

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